Tea Time

My last duty as a former student?

Sitting with another officer of my student organization to go over all of my duties to ensure the organization remains sustainable now that I am no longer a student. We have met at an independent coffee shop and this is a chai:




Office Pranks

My coworkers thought it was funny to print out, meticulously cut out, and tape this spider to my cube wall when I left early yesterday:


I walked in the office this morning, first and the lights were out so, I didn’t see it. But then later, when the lights were on, I saw it and jumped half way across the room. I HATE spiders, Hahaha.

So, I assumed it was Kristen. My other colleague concurred and so, I put the thing in her chair.

She, of course, panicked. She also hates them. She also told me she wasn’t the culprit. Oops.

So, I discovered it was actually Aimee. So, I tried to get her this way…under a sheet of paper:


…but she wasn’t phased!

So, now, I am on to plan b:


I really hope that I don’t forget to pick that up before this evening’s custodial crew arrives…