New Life: Update 2

Things have radically changed since I last blogged. In fact, we are still in a cycle of change. For now, this is where we are at:

-Graduate school is over. I hold a master degree! Hoot! Hoot!
-I am job searching
-I gained some weight over graduate school — both physically and mentally
-I have recently gotten back on the wellness train
-My partner and I are living together with our dog in Massachusetts (for the moment)
-As soon as I land a job, we will settle permanently and then, we will begin to truly live our lives!


New Life

Hello everyone! Many things have changed in my life. I will keep this short and sweet:

– I moved to New Hampshire
– I started grad school — a year early
– I’m temporarily living alone; my spouse and pup are hundreds of miles away in Minnesota for the fall.
– I am doing OK, although the transition is hard and the reading in grad school is even harder.
– I am working as a Hall Director in a graduate assistantship.
– This program is accelerated so, by the end of summer 2017, I should have a Master’s degree.
– I was provided housing (apartment inside the resident halls) and a partial meal plan.
– I live among the undergrads and that is…interesting.
– 75% of Students here are playing Pokemon Go.
– evenings are getting cooler here
– leaves still green

I seem to be doing alright — all things considering:




Hello world!

I apologize I have not been posting much lately. Major things are happening in my life.

First, I am down to 229 lbs from my original 247! I had started to implement 20 min spurts of cardio into my week a few times.

Second, I have just not taken very many photos lately, BUT I did find a slew of old photos that i will be sharing with you shortly.

Third,  I am dropping the ball on cooking but will try to get back into the groove of things tonight with steak fajitas!

Fourth, for my anniversary, I received an electronic drum kit. Photos coming soon!…and maybe a recording =)  I have wasting all of my time with this for two weeks.

Fifth, and probably the biggest news is that I applied to my first graduate program. The larger part of this news is that the program does not begin in Fall 2017. Instead it begins in Fall 2016 — in August. Thus, I have been scrambling to get all of my materials together for that. I am super excited and I hope I am accepted but if not, I may apply to another school for this fall. If all of that falls through, I will continue on my original plan to apply foe programs in Fall 2017. The advantage to the Fall 2016 program I applied to is that it is accelerated. It means that I could graduate at the same time my spouse will graduate. =) It means that we will have to probably live apart for four months. =( It means that we can talk about having kids two years sooner than we imagined. =) It allows us to make a plan sooner rather than later in my spouses career.

All in all, major things happening with me!



It has been a very stressful two weeks.

Stressful things:

  • Truck had mechanical failures that were going to cost me more than I was willing to put into an old rusty truck…


  • Decided that the truck, “Flanders,” had to go and began the selling process through Craigslist, Facebook Groups, and the old fashioned for sale sign in a parking lot route…***Sale Pending***
  • Financed a hybrid vehicle – “Zoe”…my brake score is 97%


  • Panicked about Zoe’s car payments tacked on to existing monthly bills…
  • Spouse wants to pay $40 more a month than the payment actually is…silent tears…
  • Found out at work that 2 months of work would be flushed down the toilet because others did not do their part of the project….


  • Found out that another 3 weeks of work would be flushed because an entirely separate department did the exact same thing…


  • Was told that the original project deadline was in 10 days for phase one and in 4 weeks for phase 2…
  • Was told to recreate/fix project by these original deadlines…the same project that took me 3 months combined to do…


  • Spent the week driving approx. 200 miles around the metro area acquiring birthday gifts and anniversary surprises…


  • Accidentally got a pen mark on my degree frame while trying to center the diploma in the frame…FML. The thing was like $200.
  • Spouse says they would like to apply for a fellowship in Switzerland…and that it is the most important thing they have ever considered doing…an amazing opportunity…it would last a year…and that the president of the school is vetting them…
  • Massive argument with spouse regarding the truck, Switzerland, dishes, laundry, cooking, shopping, money, and the way pizza should be stored…


  • Colleague changes their mind 4 times in 3 days causing me to do excess work for them 4 times…
  • The house is not clean…
  • I spray painted a spider….because that was all I could do at the time…
  • My shoulder is aching (Level 6) and I wonder if its stress induced. The Theracane and tennis ball is not cutting it. Luckily I agreed to be a massage therapy patient for a class project for one of our students and treatment starts this week! (Have I mentioned I work at a college? I don’t remember)
  • I left my FitBit at home Friday…
  • I ate Applebees chicken strips, fries, a pint of ice cream, a donut, and 2 Pepsi’s… on Friday…because the FitBit didn’t tell me I couldn’t…
  • I accidentally forgot to meet up with my uncle who let me know he was in town for a few days…totally blanked…
  • I did not plan for food for the week and now I have no idea what I am doing…


I need to figure out how to relieve the stress and get some peace in my life. I haven’t taken a nice photo in a week! The comment box is open for business…

Grad Life: Purpose


This site was created to document my life after graduation from college. I now hold a Bachelor’s degree. Well, some of the content may have originated before I earned this degree but the documenting of such things will be added now and later. I have many things I want to focus on in the next year and I want to make a quick list — probably incomplete:


  • Sign up for the GRE
  • Study for the GRE
  • Take the GRE
  • Choose 10 Grad schools
  • Request reference letters
  • Write application essays
  • Apply to 5 Grad schools


  • Document Photos in Photo Blog (partly why I created this site)
  • Learn to cook breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks
  • Learn to bake cakes, cookies, pies, and brownies
  • Decide if I want to take up pottery
  • Decide if I want to paint on canvas


  • Prep and cook my own food
  • Stop eating out
  • Stop drinking soda
  • Limit beverages in general
  • Treadmill 3x week
  • Push ups, abs, and lunges daily
  • Weight training 3x week
  • Yoga/Meditation at work when offered
  • Decide whether softball is in the cards


  • Clean out bedroom dresser
  • Complete homeless youth project
  • Complete clothing purge and donation mission
  • Organize Basement
  • Tune-Up Bike
  • Plant tomatoes and other things


  • Maintain job
  • Make Products
  • Edit photos


  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Eating healthy
  • House Cleaning
  • Grooming Dogs
  • GRE Studying
  • Fitness
  • Blog


  • Volunteerism
  • Picnics
  • Bike Rides
  • Cooking, Baking, Beverage-making
  • Gardening / Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Music
  • Camping
  • Walking
  • Sleeping
  • Writing Letters & postcards


  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Talking about work outside of work
  • Shopping
  • Driving
  • Netflix